ERW 32 Tube Mill

ERW50×3mm Tube Mill

ERW 60×4mm Tube Mill

ERW76 Tube Mill Line

ERW89 Tube Mill

ERW89 Tube Mill

ERW200*200mm Direct Forming Tube Mill Line

ERW165 Tube Mill (FFX Forming)

ERW168×8mm Tube Mill

ERW130×130mm Directly Forming To Square Pipe Line

200X200×10mm Direct Forming to Square Tube Mill

ERW250×250×12mm Direct Forming to Square Tube Mill

ERW300×300×16mm Automatic Directly Forming to Square Pipe Line

1800×(2 - 8)mm Cut To Length Line

ZJ1600mm× (0.2-2.5mm)Slitting Line

Cold Saw for 89mm Steel Pipe

ZJ1600 ×(0.3-3.0)mm High Speed Slitting Line

ZJ1600 X 4.5mm Slitting Line

Automatic Pipe Packing Machine