Factory Tour


Horizontal Stands of ERW720mm Pipe Mill We can process the horizontal stands of ERW720mm.This is the largest size ofERW pipe mill in China.





CNC Maching Workshop

Now we have more than 160 sets modern machining equipment In which there are 130 sets CNC machining equipment Details
as following:
6 sets---Large-size Floor Type Boring Machines,Milling Machines & CNC Planer Type Milling Machines;
9 sets ---- CNC Gear Grinding Machines;
32 sets --- CNC Gear Hobbing,Gear Shaping & Gear Milling Machines;
29 sets --- CNC Vertical Machining Center;
6 sets ---- CNC Horizontal Machining Center;
12 sets --- 8050 CNC Lathes;
5 sets ---- 8080 CNC Lathes;
1set----- 80125 CNC Lathe;
5 sets ---- CNC Lathing-Milling Center;
17 sets --- Plain Lathes;
6 sets ----Plain Milling Machines;
2sets ---- Vertical Lathes;
10 sets --- CNC Internal/Cylindrical & SurfaceNertical Grinding Machines;
4 sets ---- CNC Cutting Machines;
4 sets ----Laser Cutting Machines;
3 sets ----Periodic Heat Treatment Furnaces;
3 sets ----Tempering Furnaces;
1 set----- High-Frequency Quenching Machine;
1 set----- Medium-Frequency Quenching Machine;
4 sets ---- Well Furnaces;
1 set----- 400T Bending Machine.


With our professional technical teams,advanced modern machining equipments, strictly quality control throughout all stages of production and outstanding customer service, we welcome all business partners cooperate with us with the method of OEMODB/OBM.


Our R&D department has developed lot fo new technologies and equipments,such as multi-functional forming technology, high-precision tube mill, calcium core pipe production line,etc.We provided OEM/ODM service to many countries,such as German,USA,Australia,S.A, etc.