Tube Mill

Tube Mill

1.In 2020. Chongqi, China.
ERW300x300x16mm, Direct Square Forming Technology, With cold roll forming producing function.

Tube Mill2

2.In 2020.Guangdong, China.
ERW300x300x14mm, Direct Square Forming Technology, Motor Adjusting.

Tube Mill3

Tube Mill4

3.In 2020. Shandong, China.
ERW200x200x10mm, YS700MPa, Direct Square Forming Technology, Motor Adjusting.

4.In 2019,Argentina.
ERW203/160x160mm. FFX + Direct Square Technology. Fully Siemens Automatic Size Changing System. The Best Roller Share-Use Technology for Round+Square pipes.

ERW110mm×110mm×5mm Tube Mill 01

Tube Mill5

5.In 2019,Shangdong, China.
ERW110x110x5mm, YS700MPa, Direct Square Forming Technology.

6.In 2019, Peru.
ERW76x3.5mm, 2 sets, Quick Change with Platform; In 2020, PeruERW127x5mm, 1 set, Quick Change with Platform.

Tube Mill6

7.In 2020, Uzbekstan.
ERW76mm, Upgrading for Forming, Welding, Sizing & Flying Saw.

Tube Mill7

8.In 2020, Brazil.